Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Possibilities for Dior: Sarah Burton

On the 12th February 2010, the fashion world lost one of its visionary designers. A designer so great, that no one will ever forget the legacy that he left behind. Yes, Lee Alexander McQueen was a brilliant, talented and fortuitous man, and his death shocked many of us. When he died, it was his long-term assistant Sarah Burton that stepped up and took the helm of the McQueen ship. Burton joined the McQueen company after her tutor from Central Saint Martins suggested she interviewed with them for her 3rd year placement. Of course she had to intern first, but the company was so thrilled to have her on board that she rose through the design ranks quickly. In 2000 she was Head Of Womenswear, in which her clientele included First Lady Michelle Obama, Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and the infamous Lady Gaga. When McQueen passed away, it was Burton that was named as the new creative director of Alexander McQueen. In September 2010 Burton created her first solo womenswear collection for McQueen that was shown in Paris. It was a huge success. The designs mirrored that of McQueen’s, showing some of his signature trademarks, but the show itself was not as dark or theatrical as McQueen would have made it, it showed a new beginning for the McQueen company. On the 29th April 2011, Sarah Burton was graced with being the official designer for the Royal Wedding; she created a dress so beautiful, so stunning that this garment will go down in design history. But the question is do I think that Burton could rise to the challenge of being the new Creative Director of Dior? Yes I do. But do I think that she will leave McQueen? No I don’t. I believe that she is the embodiment of McQueen; she has taken his legacy and made it one that history will never forget. She is too crucial to the McQueen company due to the fact that she worked alongside him for so long, it would seem as if she is the last thing that keeps the McQueen vision alive. But anything is possible in the fashion world and we wait with baited breath till Dior announces their new Creative Director in autumn.

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton's First Solo Collection For Alexander McQueen - Autumn/Winter 2011-12 


The Duchess of Cambridge and Miss Pippa Middleton both wearing dresses by Sarah Burton 


  1. very interesting creations!!

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  2. they can't do that... sarah belongs to mcqueen ... she is the only one who can to what ever it takes to go on with mcqueens work :)